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Jam Vino at the Irving Convention Center

Ultimate Women's Expo in Dallas at Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas

Brace yourself for the culinary masterpiece brought to you by the extraordinary Chef Lorious and Jam Vino!

Join us for an unforgettable experience at Booth 319, Irving, Texas!

Save the Date: Saturday, September 30th, 10 am - 5 pm

Mark Your Calendar: Sunday, October 1st, 11 am - 5 pm

Indulge in the exceptional taste journey crafted by the talented Chef Lorious, featuring Jam Vino - the sensational wine-infused jam.

Don't miss out on the exclusive opportunity to witness Chef Lorious as she showcases her unique blending techniques, creating this perfect harmony of flavors. It's a culinary adventure you absolutely have to experience!

Spread it on toast, pair it with cheese, or elevate your favorite meats to new heights of deliciousness! Jam Vino, curated by Chef Lorious, will redefine your dining experience.

Be part of an unforgettable event that combines Chef Lorious' mastery with the incomparable Jam Vino. Join us at the Dallas Women's Expo on Saturday, 9/30, from 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday, 10/1, from 11 am - 5 pm.


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